Here are some of my projects. Many of them I could not put in here due to NDA’s signed with some clients that are startups and required me not to disclose information regarding their product, however these projects will give you an idea about the kind of work I do. Please click on an image to see a short video of the project in action.

I am specially proud of these two

This product was created using Angular 2.0 in 2016. It is oriented for car shops that need to control the time that each vehicle spends in each different process. From car reception to invoice download.

The customer has complete control of what is happening with his/her car. Also if the car shop manager logs into the system, he/she is presented with a dashboard that has different statistical charts that allow to understand how the business is doing and what the bottlenecks in the production are, all within a single view.

This project was created for the candidate running for Governor for the “PRI” political party in the Tabasco, México election. Taking this project 5 months to complete and more than 40,000 lines of code. In this video you can see some of the features of this product as I am bound by an NDA to not show certain complex (yet sensitive) views and components.

Not that doing WordPress be my greatest talent in life, but I also create websites (since 1998) and many times WordPress has proven to be a great tool to communicate ideas.  One of the jobs I had a few years ago was to manage my own company of political marketing in Mexico, my role was to provide consulting for creating systems, databases and unique software tools for different candidates before and during the political campaigns.  I only do this every major election (every 6 years, being the next major election in Mexico in 2024). Even though, my website has to be active all year round.  It is in Spanish but it will give you an idea of my approach to creating powerful and engaging experiences through websites and customizing WordPress themes and plugins, please visit it, and let me know how you liked the concept.

You can also download my resume from here

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  One of my favorite components

Staying up to date with Courses and Certifications

Actually the result of 6 months studying full time 8 hours a day.
“If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the highest return.” 
–Ben Franklin
Also and BTW, the diplomas and certifications here are in low resolution jpg format, to save disk space among other understandable reasons. Please, if you decide to contact me for an interview or talking about a project, don’t hesitate to ask me for anyone or everyone of these certifications in their original format and I will gladly provide you with its high resolution PDF versions.  They are digitally signed and can be easily traced to my accounts at Platzi, Udemy and Pluralsight.

I am adding these old certifications to my portfolio page, not because I believe that things like VB 6 or ASP will be useful (or that I am interested at all) in developing an app today, but because they are a clear proof that I have more than 20 years of experience under my belt. While experience in old languages and frameworks may not seem to be useful for a brand new project that will use the latest technologies, it certainly is key when design decisions need to be taken. It is also a warranty that you are dealing with a super fast learner and dedicated developer, that does his homework, does it well and does it really fast. While it may not sound humble, those are my strongest points and I have to say it.I believe that a certification is not necessarily a warranty that at the moment of developing an app a developer will be both professional and productive. It merely says that he is the kind of person that takes the time to read the materials and go take the test, it says that he are the kind of person that cares about being up to date with what he does. Which probably says the basic truth, I love my work.